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The Healing Touch (Paperback)
Experiencing God's Love in the Midst of Our Pain
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Author(s):  Todd Outcalt
List Price: $12.95 $10.36

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In the tradition of inspiring wisdom and unwavering faith of his first book, The Best Things in Life Are Free, Todd Outcalt reveals to readers how they can find healing for their emotions, life, and pain through their awareness and faith in God.

What does it mean to be healed? This question is at the heart of The Healing Touch - a book that explores the biblical concepts of healing and wholeness.

Through biblical accounts and personal testimonies, Todd Outcalt Offers readers a deeper glimpse into the ways that God's marvelous grace touches our lives and heals us of our emotional, psychological, relational and physical scars. Each chapter of The Healing Touch takes the reader to a deeper level of understanding and insight into the ways that God's healing work is continued every day in our lives. Outcalt also invites readers to explore their own needs and to glimpse the amazing work of God that has been revealed in their own lives.

Suitable for personal or group study, The Healing Touch is a book that offers a rich tapestry of understanding and biblical insight without shying away from the deepest questions of faith and human struggle.

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