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What's Right With You (Paperback)
Debunking Dysfunction and Changing Your Life
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Author(s):  Barry Duncan, Psy.D.
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"If it's time for a change in your life and analyzing things to death has left you feeling defeated and hopeless, What's Right With You is a must read. It will debunk conventional myths about change, quickly restore your confidence and show you how to harness your hidden personal strengths to accomplish your life's goals."

Michele Weiner-Davis
author of Divorce Busting and The Sex-Starved Marriage

"All is indeed right with Dr. Barry Duncan's What's Right With You: an engaging, compelling, and eminently practical book that will help you to capitalize on your strengths and cultivate your power. The do-able exercises will guide you in discovering the hero within and in marshaling interpersonal relationships and personal resources."

John C. Norcross, Ph.D.
president, International Society of Clinical Psychology, co-author, Changing for Good

Tap into your inner resilience and change your life in six dynamic and easy-to-follow steps!

We live in a world pervaded by the unspoken attitude that we are all basically flawed, broken, incomplete, scarred or sick: we’re labeled as dysfunctional, codependent, depressed, you name it. Contrary to popular perception and drug company ad campaigns, fifty years of research shows that positive change does not primarily emerge from examining the disorders, diseases, or dysfunctions—all the stuff that’s wrong with us—that allegedly plague the masses.

Dr. Barry Duncan debunks the myth that only a therapist can help you change your life and shows how positive change really happens when you utilize your inherent strengths and resources and are supported by relationships that take your innate goodness as a given. What's Right with You gives you a research validated, six-step plan for a dynamic and refreshing approach to effecting change in your life—for good!

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