The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Anger (Paperback)
Dynamic Tools for Healthy Relationships
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"This book saved me from going insane with rage, led me to laughter with its perfectly pitched cartoons and even provided a solution for replacing helplessness with action. What a better place our world would be if we learned how to handle our rage, an all-too-frequent by-product of congested traffic, layoffs and custody battles. This book should be mandatory reading."

–Amy Tan,
International bestselling author
The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter's Daughter

Turn your anger around and transform your life.

  • Does anger sometimes get the best of you?
  • Does it ever interfere with your relationships with your partner, your kids or coworkers?
  • Do you wish you had an anger toolkit?

We all experience anger, within us and around us: on the roads, at work, in our own families. Anger can feel uncomfortable but when you understand the nature of your anger and the anger of others you can use that powerful energy to improve communication and enhance all of your relationships.

By engaging your whole self -- mind, body, spirit and humor -- this practical, accessible guide offers a unique set of tools and strategies for getting to the heart of anger and discovering its positive power. Through a combination of expert advice, compelling stories, innovative Anger-obics sm exercises, Mad Pad journaling and clever cartoons you will learn:

  • How to handle conflict in productive ways
  • How to recognize and disengage your triggers
  • Successful parenting techniques
  • How to use anger as motivation, and much more.

Bestselling author Jane Middelton-Moz teams up with Anger-obics sm originator Lisa Tener and award-winning cartoonist Peaco Todd to bring you guidance, techniques and more than a few laughs. You'll find The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Anger an exciting approach to creating meaningful change in your life.

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