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You Can't Quit 'til You Know What's Eating You (Paperback)
Overcome Overeating
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Author:  Donna LeBlanc
List Price: $7.95 $6.36

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Do you find it impossible to have just one Twinkie?

Do you start a new diet every Monday?

Do you feel trapped by your eating habits?

If you have a problem with food and eating, then You Can't Quit 'til You Know What's Eating You can help you to help yourself.

This book is about permanent weight loss. It stresses that understanding, not deprivation, produces the results you want. It addresses the psychological elements of losing weight, how to deal with cravings, self-image and body image, the family's influence and more. It includes a self-test to help determine the degree of your eating problem, as well as visualizations, exercises and affirmations.

If you want to overcome your eating problems permanently, read You Can't Quit 'til You Know What's Eating You and begin your new life today.

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