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Ghosts in the Bedroom (Paperback)
A Guide for the Partners of Incest Survivors
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Author(s):  Ken Graber
List Price: $11.95 $7.16

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LI>As the partner of an incest survivor, do you feel like a neglected victim even though your life has been drastically affected by the aftermath of sexual abuse?

  • Do you fee left out in the cold as you watch them go through recovery?

  • Do you feel isolated or rejected, and think that no one else will understand your problems?

    Although the impact of incest or sexual abuse can destroy relationships and test long-standing commitments, the information in this book may be the key to holding your relationship together through the journey to recovery.

    Ghosts in the Bedroom provides comfort and guidance for partners in the process of recovery. Graber draws from personal experience to show how partners can accept responsibility for their own issues, support the recovery of the incest or sexual abuse survivor and work toward solving relationship problems together.

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