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The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii (Paperback)
A Call to the Soul
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Author(s):  Pila Chiles
List Price: $14.95 $10.36

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Hawaii -- a place all the world knows as paradise and one of the most remote places on earth -- may hold a clue for all humanity during our very defining moment in history. Pila explains why Hawaii is the crossroads of all our mysteries. The Hawaiian people, their legends and culture, even the location of the islands themselves hold a key that could unlock a giant door and reveal the path to our future.

Pila of Hawaii will take you on a journey through time and captivate your soul with the life-transforming power that the islands' sacred sites, folklore and myths bring to those who are willing to seek it. Whether you are planning a trip to this tropical paradise or searching for greater insights into your own spirit, this book will open you to a world of exquisite beauty and power.

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