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Eternal Blessings (Paperback)      
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Author(s):  Brahma Kumaris
List Price: $14.95 $7.16

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Blessings are simple yet heartfelt messages that readers can bestow on the people they care about, whether they want to remind their spouse that they are loved, cheer up a coworker who's having a bad day, or comfort a friend facing a trying time.

Divided into themes on love, success, adversity, friendship and others, each page offers an uplifting message that will empower, comfort, or motivate, depending upon the circumstance. The individual blessings are inspired by the teachings of Raja Yoga, a centuries-old study that cultivates self-reliance, spirituality, and value-based living.

By choosing an appropriate blessing and repeating it silently in their mind or aloud to their chosen recipient, people will recognize their inherent virtues and will aspire to manifest the particular blessing in their life. More than a positive affirmation, each blessing is a mirror in which people can rediscover their true, intrinsic beauty and strengths. Sample blessings include:

Your heart is filled with the creative power to accept the past, decorate the present and transform the future.

You are a gentle-hearted soul who remains honest with yourself and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Your heart is filled with the sweet sound of peace, enabling you to connect with the innocence of every soul.

This unique book and accompanying Blessing Cards will remind people to reflect upon the blessings they already possess, and to remember to shower regular blessings upon the people they care most about. It's a great gift and a surefire conversation-starter for weddings, holidays, birthdays, or just to say I love you

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