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Astrology's Secrets to Hot Romance (Paperback)
How to Find True Compatibility and the One Who's Right for You
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Author(s):  Phyllis F. Mitz
List Price: $18.95 $15.16

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"What's your sign?" is not only a great pickup line, but a terrific question that can unearth secrets to discovering the true love you've been waiting for. In Astrology's Secrets to Hot Romance, you'll discover everything you need to know about all 12 astrological signs to bring you closer to the passionate connection your sign is best aligned with!

Written by Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A., a sought-after astrologer and relationship counselor, this exciting guide shares hundreds of strategies for strengthening relationships of all kinds--from romantic to family and friendship--and shows you ways to create and maintain the love you seek. You will be empowered to:

  • Discover which of the 12 astrological signs you are most compatible with
  • Understand what each sign wants and gives in relationships
  • Learn actions and attitudes that "turn on" other signs
  • Know what types of dates, dress, and even conversation topics are most attractive to potential partners
  • Identify real tools for enhancing compatibility and overcoming issues--including in the bedroom
  • And much more!

Astrology is an incredible tool for finding and sustaining the kinds of relationships you truly desire. Here's your chance to learn something about yourself, as well as how to find hot romance . . . and a loving, true relationship.

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