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Boiling Point (Paperback)
Dealing with the Anger in Our Lives
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Author(s):  Jane Middelton-Moz
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From schoolyard shootings to road rage, unhealthy expressions of anger shout at us from the headlines. These are not random acts of violence, but allude to a more profound and deeply rooted problem. With families scattered from coast-to-coast, cozy neighborhoods replaced by impersonal suburban housing developments and intimate conversations forfeited for Internet chat rooms, Americans have lost their sense of connection and community. In this groundbreaking book, noted psychotherapist Jane Middleton-Moz shows us how the resultant psychological, spiritual and cultural imbalances manifest unhealthy anger, including violence, substance abuse, depression and chronic illness. Through revealing case studies from her practice and examples from her own life, Middleton-Moz shows readers how to recognize anger's warning signals-often disguised in other forms-and provides them with concrete steps to stop the destructive patterns that wound relationships and threaten to unravel our society. When properly expressed, anger is a healthy emotion that provides a sign that something is wrong, helps us set clear emotional and physical boundaries and acts as a catalyst for personal and societal change. By encouraging awareness and accountability, Boiling Point shows us how to develop balance in our lives and the ability to express anger in healthy ways for optimum personal growth.
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