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Teen Ink Love and Relation (Paperback)      
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Once again, Teen Ink assembles the voices of teens speaking from their hearts on topics of real importance. Teen Ink: Love and Relationships delves into the deepest corners of their souls to reveal many insights. Teens explore their relationships with a parent, friend, grandparent or acquaintance, as well as their connections with beloved pets, special teachers, caring doctors and even nature. Tales of fun family moments, painful times of leaving friends, and memorable accounts of magical or heartrending moments with a grandparent are revealed through poems, personal experiences and fiction. As in previous Teen Ink books, poignant photography and artwork capture teens' extraordinary talents and thoughts.

The teen writers and artists in Teen Ink break the stereotypes society so often places in their paths. The powerful human emotions shared by all people are captured here by young voices unafraid to share their pain and triumphs.

Pieces for this book were chosen from more than 300,000 submissions to Teen Ink, a monthly magazine written entirely by teens for teens. This nonprofit publication is read by 3.5 million teens nationwide. Since its inception, Teen Ink (formerly The 21st Century) has published more than 25,000 students. These young authors produce fresh, creative, honest and always compelling words that make Teen Ink the standard for teen expression empowering them. The magazine empowers teenagers by publishing their words, giving them a voice and demonstrating that they can make a difference.

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