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Blue Collar and Proud of It (Paperback)
The All-in-One Resource for Finding Freedom, Financial Success, and Security Outside the Cubicle
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The All-in-One Resource for Infrastructure Jobs, Green Careers, Reliable Blue-Collar Work, and More!

Not everyone is suited to a white-collar career or wants to get the four-year degree
that these jobs typically require. But that doesn't mean you have to turn your back
on a great salary, exciting work, and a profession that commands respect.
Joe Lamacchia is proof. After graduating high school, he said no to college—and found
personal and professional success as the owner of a thriving landscaping company. He also started, a resource for people who want to find work in the skilled trades. Blue-collar workers build and maintain our bridges, keep our cars running, fix our plumbing, and provide vital services to every home. That's why Lamacchia
calls these 'necessary jobs.' Most blue-collar work simply cannot be outsourced to foreign
countries and it's often recession-proof. As Baby Boomers retire, blue-collar industries
are experiencing workforce shortages because there aren't enough well-trained
people to fill all of these jobs. That is, until now . . .

Blue Collar and Proud of It gives you the information you need to pursue a stable, enjoyable, well-paying job—one that makes a difference every day in your community.
Whether you're just out of high school, have been a victim of downsizing, or are looking for a new direction, Lamacchia explains all the options, outlines the necessary training, and delivers true stories of people who have made their own way in the blue-collar world. Discover a wealth of opportunities, including:

• carpentry • machinery • roofing • electricians • truck drivers • green construction
• Broadband technicians • welding • ironworkers • solar panel installation
• water conservation

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