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Everything Sucks (Paperback)
Losing My Mind and Finding Myself in a High School Quest for Cool
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Author(s):   Hannah Friedman
Price: $12.95
Publication Date: 8/3/2009
ISBN-13: 9780757307751
ISBN-10: 0757307752
Move over Judy Blume, there's a new voice in town, and teens won't believe what she has to say about life. Everything Sucks embodies the philosophical musings and social exploitations of the musical, theatrical, eccentric new literary and Web phenomenon, Hannah Friedman, and her plethora of bizarro-world experiences ... leaving her fans roaring, "You just can't make this stuff up!"

The debut memoir every teen will be Twittering about

"No matter how fabulous Delia's wardrobe is, the most perfect person in my high school is Scarlet Karr, hands down. Rich and blonde, she has the best of every popular-girl requisite accessory: the newest designer purses, the straightest whitest pearly veneers, even a gorgeous college boyfriend who sends roses to her dorm room and croons romantic original songs on her cell phone voice mail, which she eagerly plays on speaker phone for every girl in earshot to go crazy with jealousy over. Although she is a new Junior, a transfer student from California, it takes her only a month to rise from anonymity to the heights of social royalty, winning the lead in the school musical, a place at the head of the most popular lunch table, the lust of every straight guy, and the cultish adoration of the girls and the gays. She is the Madonna of Dansforth and with each $300 haircut and weekend in St. Lucia, her status as our very own tabloid queen swells."

Welcome inside the head of boarding school survivor Hannah Friedman—a fresh new author whose biting wit and captivating writing style is a cross between best-selling YA author Anne Brashares (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and the hysterically honest Amy Sedaris  (I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence).

Everything Sucks details the teenage years in all of their cringe-worthy absurdity—from getting homeschooled in a tour bus with hippie musicians to attending one of New York's most prestigious private schools on full scholarship to developing a drug habit and eating disorder to nearly getting kicked out of Yale University before she even gets to attend. Did we mention Hannah also grew up with a rescue monkey as a sister? In the end, it's Friedman's spirit and Everything Sucks attitude that keeps her afloat, as it will for all who share in her story.

Key Features
  • Friedman invites readers on a chronological journey from freshman through senior year at a prestigious boarding school as she navigates some of the most ridiculous, outrageous, tormenting, humiliating, and downright hilarious circumstances and true-life events, including run-ins with hippies, monkeys, drugs, sex, Ivy League politics, social pressures, and class warfare
  • Irreverent and down-to-earth, teen themes are explored while the author personifies a "coming of age" in all its confusing and exhilarating glory 
  • Friedman's superior writing will captivate the imagination and be a springboard to her musical, theatrical, and literary fame, as she is a force to be reckoned with -- a true talent on the verge of stardom 
Target Audience
Readers ages 13-18
Sales Points
  • Friedman's edgy writing illustrates her darkly humorous, sardonic, and sometimes-stoic take on real teen issues, including peer pressure, self-esteem, status, and school politics using fiction-like storytelling devices that make this a true page-turner
  • Friedman's controversial article challenging the college-admissions process appeared in Newsweek magazine
  • A graduate of the theater studies program at Yale University, Friedman is one of the most sought-after, visited, and viewed YouTube and Twitter sensations
  • Friedman's rapidly growing online audience will continue to be cultivated through groundbreaking social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and YouTube, where her provocative and artful videos are viewed by her thousands of fans daily
  • Her website,, will incorporate an interactive viral video campaign coordinated with an ongoing podcast and vlog components on YouTube.
  • Friedman's television pilot, which features her book-writing process as its main narrative, premiered at the New York Television Festival in September 2008
Promotional Campaign
Web marketing including MySpace, FaceBook and viral video campaign
Online advertising with Shelf Awareness
Book giveaways promoted in national teen magazines

15,000 visitors
55,000 pageviews

Hundreds of thousands of views from all over the world.
Youtube recently made me a Youtube partner- a very elite group of content creators who agree to allow advertisements on their videos in exchange for split revenue shares with youtube. 

Almost 14,000 followers
Currently, the top 600 twitterer in the whole world

During her college years, Hannah Friedman was approached by Newsweek magazine to write a feature article about getting into college. The story has been continally used by English teachers, college advisors, and ESL classrooms as a model for short essays and a discussion topic for the college application process.

The story has been quoted in 3 books:
In the Company of Jesus by Bill Donahue
The Chosen by Jerome Karabel
September 11 and Beyond by Jan Schlussen

TO COME:, the very respected online magazine will publish an interview with Hannah Friedman - early August

Hannah Friedman's "case study" won some awards for the Hot Mommas project (    It placed in the top 10 most popular cases, and won as a Young Adult Selection (

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