The Pursuit of Nobility (Hardback)
Living a Life That Matters
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Author(s):  Tim Daniel
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THIS BOOK IS ABOUT LIBERATION. It is highly personal. It is about freeing yourself from the conditions that keep you locked up and lost among the mass mentality that you have willingly joined and hidden behind because it is safe and expected of you. But the voices inside of discontent can no longer be squelched. You are bored, disconnected, and apprehensive, and feel with growing urgency a need to do something bold, original, and significant—to step out of the shadows and start pursuing your true assignment from life. You are ready for the Pursuit of Nobility, where you will leave despair and fear behind and do something that really matters in the real world. But how? The answer is to be found in a larger question: Why? Why are you here? Who are you supposed to be in the world? Once you have a why, you can figure out the how.

This book will help you solve these riddles like no other can. It is not written by a guru. You have probably never heard of its author. But if you are open to the type of guided exploration that rattles you in order to ignite you, that helps you unleash your creative potential without 'steps' and popular psychology but instead with wisdom and philosophy, then you just might be ready for your great life's work. You might be a member of the New Nobility.

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