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Relationship Trauma Repair Therapist Guide (Paperback)
Healing from the Post Traumatic Stress of Relationship Trauma
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The Therapist's Guide is the group leader's "constant companion" while running the experiential, healing groups of the RTR model. This easy to follow, step-by-step guide is laid out in eight, units that cover the full spectrum of healing from relationship trauma. The guide is designed to make the therapist's job informed and simplified and the client's experience user friendly and focused.

We are biologically wired to seek close and ongoing connection; to form relationship bonds that are powerful enough to ensure that mates pair bond, parents attach to children and children attach to parents. This intense form of body/mind bonding helps to ensure our survival as a species. When these bonds are threatened by abuse, neglect, or separation, we can experience it as traumatic, as a challenge to what we need to survive. Relationship trauma is the kind of emotional and psychological trauma that occurs within the context of these "survival" relationships. The effects of relationship trauma can manifest as post traumatic stress reaction (PTSD), wherein pain, anger, and anxiety from early relationships gets recreated and lived out in subsequent relationships throughout life. Though we may be far away from the original "trauma," its effects remain with us.

Relationship bonds are forged and strengthened within the body as well as the mind. Love or attachment is rewarded by soothing and energizing body chemicals and rupture or neglect; by disturbing stress chemicals that can, over time, disrupt physiological, emotional, and psychological balance. Our fight/flight/freeze apparatus becomes overused.

Relationship Trauma Recovery (RTR) is an experiential, multisensory model, created to help those suffering from: Relationship Trauma, sexual trauma, emotional and psychological trauma, abuse and neglect, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). RTR is designed to be used in treatment centers, clinics or as an adjunct to one to one therapy. It can be used as a whole or parts of the model can be adapted to the needs or requirements of the particular setting.

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