Time for Thoughtfulness (Paperback)
A Daily Guide to Filling the World With Love, Care and Compassion
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Author(s):  Ruth Fishel
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Is there a God? If there is a God, is He or She a loving God? How did the world begin? Is there a reason and purpose for my life? Why am I here?
Some people claim to have the answers. Many follow those who say they know the answers. Wise teachers, such as Moses, Christ, the Buddha, Lao Tze, teach a path to follow. The wisest of all the teachers tell us there is no "right way," that each of us has to find "our own way."Whether you are a believer or disbeliever, a follower, a leader or a loner, matters not right now. What matters is that the world and the people in it are in trouble and that this book will raise your awareness and, ultimately, the awareness of more and more people.
Ruth Fishel explains, "Here is what I know. Thought is energy. Thought creates words. Words are energy. Words connect people. Words have power. Words that result in actions have greater power."
Scientists tell us there is something called critical mass. If enough people think or pray the same thoughts at the same time, things change. Most of us today are aware that if the world is to change, we need to change.
This is a daily guide with a weekly format. Each week consists of inspirational quotes, suggestions to think about and suggestions for actions we can take for ourselves and others. As more and more of us bring our thoughtful attention to the fundamental principles of goodness and love, the world changes.
The important thing to know is that we can make a difference, and we do! Imagine what's possible if we work together!

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