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A Better Yesterday (Paperback)
Living Life After Abuse
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Author(s):  Roger Dean Kiser
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After years of allowing the lies and abuse he suffered as a child define his past and cloud his future, Roger Dean Kiser author of The Whitehouse Boys: An American Tragedy decided to find a way to make sense of a childhood replete with verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse before it was too late. In his new book A Better Tomorrow, Kiser revisits his past and makes a conscious choice to focus on the kindness and happiness he experienced throughout his life.
Sharing his heartfelt memories of kind people, loving animals, and comforting events, Kiser affirms the benevolence of the human spirit and demonstrates the healing capacity that random acts of compassion can have on a child. A Better Yesterday reveals the precious, defining moments that molded Kiser into a caring, loving person despite the experiences of a childhood cloaked in misery.
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