Susanna Palomares has been involved in the development, publishing and marketing of education curricula and programs for over twenty-five years. She is the president of Innerchoice Publishing, and continues producing K–12 educational materials for teachers and counselors. She has authored or co-authored over twenty-five books and activity guides addressing a wide range of topics in the socialemotional and life-skills domains. Her most recent releases are Lessons in Tolerance and Diversity, How to Handle a Bully and Teaching Kids Right from Wrong.

Her materials have found their way around the world, having been translated into many languages. One of her programs has served as the basis for teaching peace and cooperation to people who are caught in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This program brings together Christians, Jews and Muslims from all cultures to develop a forum of understanding and respect.

Susanna's background is in education, and she has a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She began her career as a classroom teacher working in migrant education at the elementary level. As a publisher, she continued her teaching by working with students and adults within the scope of the programs she has developed and published. Susanna has a vision for education based on the fact that students who develop strong intrapersonal and social skills move into adulthood better prepared for success in all parts of their lives. She has worked with groups of concerned educators and parents all over the nation and is an advocate for school counselors and the role they play in helping young people have success in their first careers as K–12 students.

Today, in addition to her other pursuits, Susanna has a passion for service that is expressed as an active volunteer with Junior Achievement and in her work in a refugee program sponsored by the school district of Palm Beach County.

Susanna lives with her husband, David, and their Golden Doodle dog Chimay in their homes in Florida and New York. Susanna can be reached at

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