Liz Hoffman received her Ph.D. in psychology from Pennsylvania State University. She is a licensed psychologist and is certified in Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders from the American Psychological Association. Liz opened her private practice in 1984, and with a staff of psychologists, social workers, and addiction specialists, has provided psychotherapy to clients since that time. Although her practice still provides general psychological services to a diverse client base of adults, adolescents and children, during the last several years Liz and the women in her practice have specialized in services for women.As a consultant to the Caron Foundation, Liz assists in the design and implementation of gender separate services for women with a variety of addiction and relationship problems. Her book Recovery from Smoking: Quitting With the Twelve Step Process, is distributed nationally and serves as the treatment manual for the Caron Foundation's 5-day inpatient nicotine program which she helped design and implement in 1991. Liz's book, Kids Can Cope With Divorce, was published by Marco Press and is targeted to schools for ready access by counselors, teachers, children and their parents.Liz has written numerous articles and enjoys providing consultations nationally to business and industry on the topics of nicotine addiction, psychological issues and empowerment for women. Workshops on "Burnout Prevention," "Spirituality and Female Sexual Development," and "Fulfilling Your Life's Mission in the Workplace and Home," are a special interest for her. Liz's inspiration and energy come from quiet, meditative experience as well as physical, emotional and spiritual self-care.

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