Paul Sorgi, M.D., is the managing director of The Hallowell Center, a private psychiatric practice in Concord, Massachusetts. Dr. Sorgi treats people with attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety and related problems. He is a sought-after speaker and collaborator on over thirty scholarly publications, and, created a monthly wellness newsletter, Mind Matter, along with best-selling author Edward M. (Ned) Hallowell. The Friels are known throughout the U.S., Canada, England, and Ireland for their therapeutic and training expertise in the areas of family systems, survivors of unhealthy childhoods, depression, anxiety, addictions and personality disorders. They are founders and national directors of the ClearLife/Lifeworks Clinic, which is a special four-day therapy program to help people move beyond the painful patterns of childhood shortages. Their first two books, Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunciontal Families and An Adult Child's Guide to What's Normal, are now considered classics in the field and are widely read by both professionals and the general public. The Friels offer individual, couples and family therapy was well as conducting several weekly, ongoing men's and women's therapy groups

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