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Linda Olund Friel, M.A., is known throughout the U.S., Canada, England, and Ireland for her therapeutic and training expertise in the areas of family systems, survivors of unhealthy childhoods, depression, anxiety, addictions and personality disorders. She is cofounder and national director of the ClearLife® Clinic, which is a special three-and-a-half-day therapy program to help people move beyond the painful patterns of childhood shortages. 

Adult Children Secrets of Dysfunctional Families (Paperback)
List Price: $11.95 $9.56

An Adult Child's Guide to What's Normal (Paperback)
List Price: $11.95 $9.56

The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do (Paperback)
List Price: $14.95 $11.96

The 7 Best Things Smart Teens Do (Paperback)
List Price: $14.95 $11.96

The 7 Best Things Happy Couples one (Paperback)
List Price: $14.95 $11.96

Soul of Adulthood (Paperback)
List Price: $14.95 $7.96

The Power and Grace Between Nasty or Nice (Paperback)
List Price: $14.95 $11.96
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