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Some say truth is more interesting than fiction, and that's what the Louder Than Words series proves. This exciting, new series will be the resource for girls looking to read compelling, intriguing, and personal real-life stories written by current teens with powerful voices.
Truth is More Fascinating than Fiction.
Enter a new reality.
Louder Than Words.
Compelling personal stories written by current teens with powerful voices.

ChelseyChelsey:(ISBN: 0-7573-1413-0 - $7.95)

A girl’s experience of the unthinkable‹the death of her mother and murder of her father and how she grew and flourished despite the odds
Murders happen every day, but we rarely hear about the victims left behind‹family and loved ones of those violently killed. Seventeen-year-old Chelsey Shannon shares her story of losing her father, her only surviving parent, who was tragically murdered when she was thirteen. Her story begins with the death of her father and follows her very personal journey of grief and healing. Through writing, personal growth, and ultimately finding a supportive environment at her high school for performing arts, Chelsey has come through the other side of these horrible circumstances to flourish in both her creativity and in life.
In her lowest moments, Chelsey found her only solace in writing, and her book includes some of the raw poetry and essays she wrote as a way to cope with the pain of the senseless crime that would change her life forever.
Chelsey Shannon is a junior at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she majors in creative writing. In addition to writing, she loves astrology, cooking, literature, playwriting, and psychology.

MarniMarni:(ISBN: 0-7573-1412-0 - $7.95)

A girl’s struggles with situational depression and the stress disorder trichotillomania
Marni Bates has battled a stress-related disorder known as trichotillomania for roughly six years. The impulse to pull out all her hair (including her eyelashes and eyebrows), has been a source of much pain, frustration, and in rare moments, humor. It wasnst until Marni googled “hair-pulling” that she discovered what she was doing had a name and an explanation. Hiding her condition took a lot of work, but was far more difficult to confront.
In Marni, author Marni Bates powerfully shares her journey, from the roots of her anxiety, which was caused by her parents' messy divorce when she was eight, to a dysfunctional relationship with her sister and father, and feeling like such a misfit that she convinced her mom to let her drop out of middle school to be homeschooled, to having her emotional turmoil give birth to trichotillomania. The urge to pull out all of her hair felt as uncontrollable and natural as breathing or cracking her knuckles. Unfortunately, her new habit led to social embarrassment, crushingly low self-esteem, and years of therapy.
Marni Bates (Ashland, OR) is a freshman at Lewis & Clark College. She loves writing and hopes to do it professionally throughout her life. Marni was recommended for this series by the Oregon Writing Project at Willamette University.

EmilyEmily:(ISBN: 0-7573-1414-7 - $7.95)

A girl’s inside glimpse of living with chronic illness
What is it like for a teenager to be sick an entire year? What is it like when there is no end in sight? Told in quirky, insightful, and poignant blog and journal entries, Emily tells the story of one girl's struggle with West Nile virus and takes readers on her roller-coaster journey detailing what happens when your life doesn't turn out the way you expect.
Emily isn’t about being a hero, conquering sickness, and surviving against the odds. It’s about how there are happy times and sad times, depressing times and contented times. It’s about how even though the pain never went away, Emily’s friends and family never stopped trying their hardest to make it go away. It’s about how God never healed her instantly when she wanted him too, but in the dead of night, when everything was hopeless and everyone was asleep, he was always there.
Emily Smucker (Harrisburg, OR) is a Mennonite and born-again Christian, and considers her heroes to be Peter Parker, Hadassah, and Luke Skywalker, because they made the right choice and changed the world. Her blog:


Louder Than Words TV
View our video archive with Deborah Reber, Series Editor of the Louder Than Words Series, Marni Bates, author of "Marni", Emily Smucker, author of "Emily" and Chelsey Shannon, author of "Chelsey".

Watch as they give you a behind the scenes look into the Louder Than Words Series and talk about their personal stories.






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