Marshall Method Publishing was established in 2012 with a brief to publish books on relationships authored by experts in their fields and also first-person narratives about overcoming adversity. 

It was founded by marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall author of I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You and I Love You But You Always Put Me Last both published by Health Communications, Inc.(HCI Books). 

Marshall Method Publishing will publish U.S. editions of successful self-help books from the rest of the world, classic titles that are out of print and new titles that cover important niches about relationships that have been ignored by existing publishers. 

Learn to Love Yourself Enough (Paperback)

Have the Sex You Want (Paperback)

My Wife Doesn't Love Me Anymore (Paperback)

My Husband Doesn't Love Me and He's Texting Someone Else (Paperback)

Wake Up and Change Your Life (Paperback)

How Can I Ever Trust You Again? (Paperback)

It's NOT a Midlife Crisis It's an Opportunity (Paperback)

Heal and Move On (Paperback)

The Happy Couple's Handbook (Paperback)
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