The Cheater's Diet (Hardback)
The Medically Proven Way to Supercharge Your Weight Loss, Break Through Diet Ruts and Stay Thin for Good
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Author(s):  Paul Rivas, M.D.
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From helping over 15,000 people lose weight, Dr. Paul Rivas has discovered a secret: People who cheat on their diets lose
weight the fastest and keep it off the longest. In this engaging book, he explains this scientifically validated secret that ends yo-yo dieting: It's not whether you cheat on your diet (because you will!), but how and when you do it. The Cheater's Diet not only encourages you, but requires you to indulge in delicious foods such as chocolate, wine, cinnamon buns, beer and pizza. Once you start on this plan, you'll never want to give it up.

With the Cheater's Diet, you'll discover:

  • Twelve sinful cheat foods—and why they're actually good for you and your waistline
  • The tricks to slimming down fast—and actually keeping it off
  • A couch potato's dream: The N.E.A.T. exercise system to cheat your way to fitness
  • The metabolic secrets for getting stalled weight loss moving again—no matter how many times you've plateaued in the past
  • Over-the-counter supplements that work—and ones that don't
  • The healthiest, most effective weekday eating plan known to science
  • Doctor-approved recipes that are simple and delicious

Forget the guilt -The Cheater's Diet is an enjoyable program, it's scientific and it works!

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