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Can We Talk To God (Paperback)      
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Author(s):  Ernest Holmes
List Price: $12.95 $8.76

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More than ever, people the world over are making a conscious attempt to find meaning in their lives. The excessive materialism of the late 20th century has proven an inadequate substitute for God. As we have acquired more things, we have developed an ever-growing emptiness. Even the popular media today are telling us there is a great hunger for the inner peace that comes from prayerful communion with a higher power.

Can We Talk to God? offers readers a framework for prayer that is compatible with traditional religion, yet moves beyond it in the recognition of a divine presence within each person. This book sets forth the teaching of Ernest Holmes, called Science of Mind, which is a synthesis of the greatest ideas of religion, science and philosophy. Originally published in 1934 as The Ebell Lectures on Spiritual Science, it is as fresh and profound today as it was then, offering readers answers to such important questions as:

  • What is the nature of God?
  • What is our relationship to God?
  • How do we communicate with God?
  • What is the secret of spiritual power?
  • Where is humanity headed?
  • How can a prayer be used to help ourselves and others?

    Many readers wonder, Can I talk to God? This beautiful book answers with a resounding YES!, and shows readers the way. The method of prayer it teaches will open the door to healthier, happier living.

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