Tom Lagana believes that one person can make a difference. He is dedicated to living a positive, successful life and helping others to do the same.

When Tom was a child, his mother, a registered nurse, often volunteered with the American Red Cross and would take him along with her. Influenced and inspired by her loving example, Tom continued his own volunteering activities and, as a teenager, started with fund-raising projects for his school. In his adult years, he served to help solicit funding from corporations and employees for the United Way of Delaware.

He has served extensively in the prison system throughout the United States, working with inmates. He is a volunteer in the Emergency Department of Wilmington Hospital, part of the Christiana Care Health System in Delaware.

In 1994, he was honored as a recipient of the Jefferson Award for outstanding public service. He and his wife, Laura, have two grown sons and two grandsons who are carrying on in the family tradition.

Tom graduated from Villanova University in Pennsylvania with a degree in electrical engineering and worked as an engineer for more than thirty years. In his corporate career, he was often asked to deliver technical presentations. As his passion for inspiring others evolved, he learned the value of sharpening his public speaking skills.

Since his transition to a different career path, Tom has facilitated more than one thousand personal development and management presentations nationally and internationally. Through his refreshingly humorous presentations, laced with innovative audience interactions, Tom inspires people everywhere to become their best.

Tom's life experiences have led him to coauthor two highly successful books in the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul. He and Laura are coauthors of Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul, Serving Time, Serving Others, and The Quick and Easy Guide to Project Management.

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