I have watched my goals and perspectives change dramatically over my 83 years. I was married before graduating from college even though I had gone for all four years. I just decided not to take any final exams because marriage seemed so much more exciting. Then we had three children and I decided I wanted to teach school. I went back to college and I received my degree when I was in my early 40s. I found I was a good teacher and taught school in various places when we moved around. When I was fifty I decided to get a Master's Degree in Counseling and did so. I also trained in Transactional Analysis and became a Clinical member and along the way took some training in Gestalt therapy.

My daughters married and I became a grandmother and found a new way to be nurturing and loving, perhaps, at times, trying to take over when it was unwise to do so. I continued to learn and take courses and to change my way of seeing the world and of loving people.

In 1979 Dorothy (nicknamed Didi) and I decided to try working together as two adults rather than as mother and child. A wonderful experience. Since then we have shared many days working together. I bring to our workshops the experience of all my years and a natural tendency to nurture and I listen in awe as Didi discusses, explains and gives wonderful information to all of the participants.

As we worked together, I became more confident of myself and found that I, too, could speak to groups. I became interested in aging and how many choices we had as elders to lead full and inspiring lives. I still considered myself half of a team but ventured alone to give classes and talks on the process of growing old.

Our first book, Daughters and Mothers, Healing the Relationship, is in its fifth printing and Chicken Soup for the Mother and Daughter Soul is our latest adventure. And we have been joined in this adventure by my eldest daughter, Frances!

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