John F. Newport, Ph.D. is uniquely qualified as an authority on the pivotal role of healthy lifestyles in recovery from addiction.  He holds doctorates in psychology and public health, and is passionately committed to helping people struggling with addiction to strengthen their recovery while adding years – even decades – to their life expectancies. 


Dr. Newport first became interested in wellness and recovery when he began working in addictions in the late 1980s.  Working in the trenches, he witnessed the untimely deaths of numerous addictions counselors as a consequence of their nicotine addiction.  He also saw many clients sabotage their recovery with dangerous "substitute addictions" to sugar, caffeine, nicotine and other toxic lifestyle choices. 


Based in Port Townsend, Washington, Dr. Newport has published well over100 articles focusing on addictions and other health related topics.  He is a featured columnist for Counselor: The Magazine for Addictions Professionals and Steps for Recovery, and is currently developing a series of workbooks on wellness and recovery in collaboration with the Gorski- CENAPS Corporation ®.   Website:

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