Beverly Kirkhart is president of Comeback Press, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to providing resources for those struggling with life threatening diseases. She is a breast cancer survivor, national speaker and the author of the successful self-guided journal, My Healing Companion, and co-author of the revised version of Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul. After conquering cancer, Kirkhart made the decision to devote her life to helping other cancer victims take control of their lives. In 1996, she co-founded the highly-regarded Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara with surgeon and best-selling author Dr. Susan Love and several other concerned survivors. Kirkhart has been heard by millions across the country as a guest on national television and radio stations, as well as featured inspiration keynote speaker and workshop leader. Her popular "Empower Yourself Through Words"© inspirational workshops include strategy-packed sessions on My Healing Companion. She also shares her wisdom in her powerful presentations "How to Turn Setbacks into Comebacks" (five steps to survive and thrive after life challenging situations), "Healing the Soul After Cancer" (five ways survivors can reclaim their life), and "Caregivers with Compassion…Healers with Heart" (loving and compassionate ways to combine medical science with supportive therapies), and "New Purpose…New Passion" (a personal transformation and goal-setting session to energize cancer patients). Beverly Kirkhart resides in Santa Barbara, California where she continues to devote her life to helping patients everywhere to take control of their lives, and turn their setbacks into comebacks.

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