Born in Chicago, Judy Mazel was the youngest of three Daughters — and the only fat person in a family of skinnies. She went to California as a young woman eager to be an actress and worked in the record business, the airline business, and—as is all too common for struggling actresses—as a waitress. Much of Judy's earnings went to diet pills, thyroid medication, diuretics, mood­changers, and cigarettes in a futile attempt to get thin. Indeed, at one point Judy Mazel was hospitalized and pronounced "incurably fat," with a non-functioning thyroid and almost non-working pituitary.

A present from a friend—a book on nutrition­opened Judy's eyes and set her task. She read, she studied, she researched and she experimented. Using her own body as a testing ground, she became healthy, energetic and slim with a thyroid that now functions in the high normal zone without medication. She ate her way down from 180 pounds to her present 108 pounds and began sharing her secret with a few friends. In no time at all, her living room was like Oscar night with such celebrity clients as Jack Nicholson, Engelbert Humperdink, Liza Minelli, Jodi Foster, Maria Shriver and Linda Grey. The Judy Mazel Beverly Hills Diet "Shop" was born and Judy has been helping people around the world get in touch with their skinny selves ever since.

Judy has collected the wisdom of 15 years reflection and understanding gained through her international celebrity consultations and world travels.

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