Amy Seeger is vice president of Success Motivation, Inc., a product development company serving Paul J. Meyer and many of his companies in the personal and professional development held. Along with a bachelor's degree in professional writing, Amy also holds an executive MBA degree from Baylor University. With her husband George, she is the proud parent of a little girl Anna Joy.

In her position at Success Motivation, Inc. Amy's editing skills and business insights have contributed significantly to the new and existing products developed designed and produced for distribution throughout the worldwide Meyer Family Enterprises organizations.

Amy brings to her position in Paul J. Meyer's companies a combination of professional expertise and personal commitment to helping others. When Paul and Barbara involved her as a coauthor for the Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul project, Amy had just completed editing and producing for Meyer a comprehensive anthology of success stories from the thirty-plus years of his companies' influence worldwide. The Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul book offered yet another challenging, worthwhile endeavor.

Amy has always had a deep respect for people who have experienced fullness and enjoyment of their golden years. During her college years, one of the highlights was when she occasionally volunteered for Sunday worship services at a local nursing home singing hymns for the residents and encouraging them to sing along. Amy's concern for others is also reflected in past service as a volunteer counselor at a crisis center and as a board member of a local citizens' group.

Commenting on the mentoring influence of actively involved people in the sixty-and-over age group, Amy says, "I enjoy seeing the example of those who are involved as mentors, givers and participants in life as they grow older. One thing I've realized is that through my choice—my willingness to grow—I can begin to learn the lessons of the golden years now. In fact, research shows that your personality and outlook at age thirty will likely be the same in your eighties."

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