Dr. Fearing is a psychotherapist with two decades of experience helping people get help and improve their quality of life. He is an expert in human behavior, crisis counseling, and performance coaching, who has worked with thousands of people in more than twenty countries. People from all walks of life, families, business executives, professional athletes, politicians and entertainers have found hope and health from Dr. Fearing's counsel.Dr. Fearing, known as "America's Crisis Doctor" is frequently sought out by media for his sensitive, succinct and thought provoking commentary about aberrant human behavior and traumatic current events. Print and electronic news organizations such as the Washington Post, The New York Times, Hartford Current, Toronto Globe, KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, KNBC-TV in Los Angeles and others have found him to be an articulate voice of reason.Author of Workplace Intervention: The Bottom Line on Helping Addicted Employees Become Productive Again, Dr. Fearing is an experienced interventionist, trainer, and president/CEO of National Counseling Intervention Services, Inc.

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