Carol Falkowski, Director of Research Communications at the Hazelden Foundation, is author of the new reference book, Dangerous Drugs: An Easy-to-Use Reference for Parents and Professionals.For nearly 20 years she has monitored drug abuse trends at the national level, as one of 20 researchers in the country who participates in a drug abuse monitoring network of the National Institute of Drug Abuse.Falkowski advised the US Food and Drug Administration (1995 - 1999) regarding the safety, efficacy, and abuse potential of certain drugs, and has provided consultation to the National Institute of Justice, the National Drug Intelligence Center, Join Together, and numerous states. Before coming to Hazelden in 1997, she was research coordinator at the Minnesota state alcohol and drug abuse authority for 15 years.Falkowski was featured in the 1999 Showtime documentary by Robert Zemeckis, "Smoking, Drinking, and Drugging in the Twentieth Century." She also produced a Hazelden video entitled "Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery: A Research Update." In 2004 she produced "Meth - Shadow Across America" in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television, a documentary about the ravages of meth addiction and the challenges it presents for law enforcement, communities, and treatment professionals.Falkowski makes numerous presentations to professional audiences from the fields of prevention, education, public health, and law enforcement -- and to community groups and parents. She has published numerous articles.Falkowski was the guest expert on CNN LIVE, Talk of the Nation (National Public Radio), and The Jane Pauley Show. Her comments and opinions on drug abuse have appeared in USA TODAY, the New York Times, TIME, Teen People, Cosmopolitan, and numerous daily papers and news broadcasts.

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