Max Sindell ( Baltimore , MD ) graduated with a major in creative writing from the Interlochen Arts Academy , the nation's first and foremost boarding fine-arts high school, in which 500 of the world's most talented and motivated young artists study music, theatre, dance, visual arts, creative writing, and motion picture arts in a college-like setting. He was invited to attend the Global Young Leader's Conference, in Washington D.C. , and New York , where he participated in simulations involving international relations and world leadership. In the final summit simulation exercise, Sindell was elected President of the Conference, out of the 450 kids from 40 different countries. Max Sindell is going into his senior year at Johns Hopkins University , where he majors in writing. He is excited about this project and is eager to share his experience with the millions of kids who have gone through divorce or are going to. He hosts a web community where kids can locate additional resources and discuss whatever they need to talk about. The website, which is centered around this book, contains forums, links, as well as special live chat sessions about divorce.

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