Leo Booth is a Unity Minister, a former Episcopal priest, and a recovering alcoholic. At the end of many years of heavy drinking, he was in a horrific car crash. That moment made him realize that life is too important to waste, so he checked himself into a treatment center.

Born in England, Leo came to the United States in 1981. Because of his personal experience with alcohol, he has dedicated his ministry toward recovery. His passion for helping other alcoholics and drug addicts inspired him to write Say Yes to Life, a daily meditation book that has sold more than 250,000 copies and has been republished as Say Yes to Your Life. His other titles include The Angel and the Frog, The Wisdom of Letting Go, Say Yes to Your Spirit, Say Yes to Your Sexual Healing, Spirituality & Recovery, and The Happy Heretic. He has appeared on national television shows including Oprah and Good Morning America. His spirituality articles appear in several recovery and health publications.

Leo continues counseling alcoholics and addicts in several treatment centers and presents spirituality seminars at conferences, mental health organizations, correctional facilities, and churches throughout the country. He is a certified addictions counselor and has written books on spirituality, compulsive behaviors, and sex addiction. To learn more visit or contact him at


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