Erin Munroe, LMHC, is the author of the upcoming From Stressing Out to Chilling Out: The Anxiety Workbook for Girls (Fairview Press, 2010).  She is also the author of the newly published The Everything Guide to Stepparenting: Practical, Reassuring Advice for Creating Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships (Adams Media, 2009, with credited technical reviewer Irene Levine, Ph.D.). 

Currently, Erin works as a licensed mental health counselor at the South Boston Community Health Center.  She sees children, adolescents, and families experiencing a range of issues—including trauma, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, adjustment disorders, and more.  Erin's position at the health center started as a part-time position in their confidential teen clinic, where Erin still provides counseling and support to teenagers struggling with everything from college applications to talking to their parents about pregnancy. 

Erin has worked in the mental health field since 2001.  She has worked with adolescents in schools as a licensed School Guidance Counselor and Adjustment Counselor and outside of school as a licensed mental health counselor. She dedicated herself to the field after working with a program whose goal was to reunite families whose children had been taken away due to abuse and neglect. A major portion of this job was educating parents on how to be the best parents they could be. The rewarding part was watching parents and guardians implement these strategies and gain success as a family unit. 

Following this experience, Erin attended Boston University where she earned her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine. As an undergraduate, Erin attended the College of the Holy Cross, where she majored in English and completed significant coursework in Deaf Studies. 

Erin also provides trainings in Self-Care, Relaxation, Life Balance, and Identifying and Managing Mental Illness in the Classroom.

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