Liz Parsons taught elementary school for thirteen years in Ontario, Canada, after she had completed her Teacher's Certificate and her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Thinking she could no longer bear to watch small children distractedly suck dangling, loose front teeth over lower lips, just to spit them out again, Liz made the move to an advertising agency in Toronto. There, she headed up client services.She and her partner, Steve Jefferies, married in Melbourne, Australia. The birth of their first son, Ted, launched Liz into her favorite career—one with no coffee breaks: stay-at-home mom. Marshall, their second son (and Ted's immediate best friend), was born after the family's return to Ontario. Liz and Steve live in Sarnia, Ontario, with their Labrador retriever, Chip. Ted and Marshall (now grown up) share an apartment in Toronto. They're thriving and on occasion, they remember to call home.

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