Rebel, renegade, resurrected a thousand times, Temple Hayes is a prophet and mystic for our time. Raised in South Carolina, Temple was born to question everything. She turned to a new understanding of Spirit to pull her from alcohol addiction and through a hundred different fears.

Firm in her conviction that the Creator loves you as you are and wants to have a conversation, Temple offers practical tools and pithy realizations to jumpstart all who die a little bit every day and fast forward to impassioned and energized living. A practicing shaman, Temple is a catalyst for turning lingering sorrows into brighter tomorrows and restoring all parts of our soul.

Spiritual Leader at Unity Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida, Temple Hayes is an international recognized leader and serves on the Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought. She is featured each week on the popular radio show, "The Intentional Spirit." She is the author of How to Speak Unity (DeVorss & Company) and The Right to Be You (Temple Hayes Ministries), and founder of Life Rights, a nonprofit dedicated to the right of all to live the life of their intention in freedom and peace.

The SOFI Project, is a non-profit organization founded by Temple that rescues and rehabilitates dogs and cats globally that is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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