Manja Burton is a freelance artist and illustrator who is the founder of the popular website Hattifant: Toys & Décor That Inspire Mindful Play & Nurture Imagination. Hattifant's products reflect her philosophy that, "The path in life that we follow forms us and we create the path in front of us." She has an MA in educational science, psychology and intercultural business communication. She has volunteered globally for organizations such as Envision, Unicef and Save the Children. She also worked with Turquoise Mountain, an organization in Kabul, Afghanistan, founded at the request of HRH Prince Charles of Wales and former president Hamid Karzai, designed to revive Afghanistan's traditional crafts, and to regenerate Murad Khani, a historic area known for its rich cultural heritage. Manja and her family currently live in Thailand.

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