Adrianne Lugo (Ocean Ridge, Florida) celebrated 11 years of sobriety on July 7, 2016, and is very active in the South Florida recovery community.  She worked for a recovery home company, sponsors women in Alcoholics Anonymous, and blogs about recovery.  Adrianne also participated in a Catholic Ministries program working with prisoners on death row.  She has appeared on podcasts, and has done radio and TV interviews discussing recovery from opiate addiction.  She was born addicted to heroin and was put into foster care as an infant.  At the age of nine, her biological parents started a year-long court battle to get her back that made national news.  Today, she works to help the public understand the foster care system and its future. Adrianne is a graduate of San Diego State University, and the proud mother of three girls who are all out in the world doing wonderful things. 

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