Dr. Heidi Green is a licensed clinical psychologist at a world-renowned center for trauma and addiction treatment, Psychological Counseling Services, in Scottsdale, Arizona.She teaches self-love by example with accountability, humility, compassion, and a saucy spirit. She works closely with nationally recognized rehabilitation center, Sierra Tucson, and runs their Phoenix-based alumni support group. In addition to her professional affiliations, Dr. Green maintains a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has been featured as a mental health expert several times on the national television show, The List. She is a professional mental health blogger, authoring the blog, Living a Blissful Life, for HealthyPlace. Dr. Green has two workshops based on her book which she presents to individuals seeking self-love education and another for mental health professionals. She also provides blogs and videos on mental health and emotional wellness topics on her website,

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