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Since 1977, HCI has been changing the lives of our readers and the people they touch, one book at a time.

Dedicated to bringing readers quality books, HCI makes its distinction in the marketplace by not just publishing books, but by “publishing people”. These people are carefully selected authors who inspire readers to achieve their dreams, live lives of abundance, to experience consolation when needed as well the healing power of laughter. Readers will find a wealth of topics reflecting every aspect of life including: Inspiration, Self-Help, Soul, Spirituality, Relationships, Recovery, Healing, Health and Wellness, Diet, Teen Issues, Women's Issues, and Parenting. There are riveting memoirs to enjoy and trademark stories to savor in the tradition that made Chicken Soup for the Soul series famous.

Although many publishers jumped on the self-help bandwagon through the years, HCI was a pioneer in the field. Its own inspirational story illustrates why one should never give up on their dreams.

HCI began a publishing program for professionals in the recovery and addiction treatment field. Starting with pamphlets and magazines, it soon expanded into books. Its mission then, as now, was to bring inspiration, information and hope to its audience.

In 1983, HCI published one of the landmark books in recovery, Adult Children of Alcoholics by Dr. Janet Woititz. Virtually spawning the ACOA movement and still a perennial seller, Woititz’s book inspired a new way of looking at the impact of alcoholism on future generations. The book became the first in a string of New York Times bestsellers for HCI.

What came next was a book from another emerging icon in the recovery field, John Bradshaw whose Healing the Shame That Binds You also hit the New York Times bestseller list. It continues to be a recovery staple worldwide and has even been featured on Oprah.

In 1993, after a brief dry spell in the recovery market and a decision to expand its publishing program, two motivational speakers came to HCI with a manuscript in hand that had been turned down by 133 publishers. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen would not be stopped by these rejections and persevered with their dreams. The stories they collected touched the heart and the intuition of HCI’s owner, Peter Vegso and history was made. The phenomenon that is Chicken Soup for the Soul, 101 Stories became the bestselling self-help series ever published.

HCI has come a long way since its roots in recovery and the life-changing Chicken Soup for the Soul series with an expansive list of contemporary voices. It has won awards for its books and works in consort with its own conference division. After thirty plus years of publishing, one thing remains the same -- the voices published by HCI will always be dedicated to making a difference in the lives of readers.

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